LINDA ALLEN, Clinician, Judge, Course Designer and Author - I have spent many years looking for another individual with the innate feel for horses – together with a true love of the animal... more

BERNIE TRAURIG, CA, USA - ...the incredible “horse whisperer,” Jose Alejos... more

JULIE WINKEL, Author, Clinician, Judge, Head Coach and Owner of Maplewood Stables in Reno, Nevada, USA - Jose is a true gift to horses. He has such insight into a horse's mind that he can break through the toughest boundaries... more

KC BRANSCOMB KELLEY, Branscomb Farm, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA - ...Jose is among the world's very best. more

MOLLY and DAVE STANLEY, Stanley Ranch, Yerington, Nevada, USA - ...Jose accomplishes in hours and days what would normally take months... more

DANIEL ZILLA, Farm Manager & Head Trainer at Branscomb Farm, Half Moon Bay, CA,
USA - Jose is the best one starting horses... more

GABY UFER, Trainer, Endurance Rider, Guatemala
...I had heard that he was "the one" who worked all over the world, fixing and starting young horses... more


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